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Delainey Cummins

I've always had an interest in animation. Through my years of animating motion graphics I've developed an eye for pixel perfection and a love for the speed and value graph (because honestly, how could I pick a favorite in making those smooooooth keyframes?). Working in large and small teams, I've acted in both a supportive role and lead role. I have 7+ years of ensuring projects are organized, on time, and delivered to the client with a high quality of animation.

I primarily work in After Effects, animating on Vector and Raster projects, but I've also helped design in Illustrator, edit photography in Lightroom (or edit like a wizard in Photoshop), edit Footage in Premiere, animate cel in Photoshop, create stop motion with my camera knowledge in Dragonframe, and create strategies for brands and their content. While I long to be in After Effects as much as I can, I find being versed in many areas allows me to pitch in as much, and as fully, as I can.

Animation is an art, and art is one of the most collaborative fields to be apart of; hopefully I'll collaborate with you one day!

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