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Logo and Company Rebrand

Total Industrial

With 4 months, I helped develop a new look and system for Total Industrial's Marketing and Social Media departments. I created a new Logo, Flyer designs, Promotional materials, edited Photography, edited Footage, Social Media designs, Portfolio Presentation, Slides Deck Templates, Custom Animation, Social Media Banners, and Email Signatures. I'm proud of the amount and quality of designs and animation I was able to create over a brief time, but I'm equally honored to have created project management structures, produced projects and live shoots, and strategies for their department's packages at Total Industrial.


Motion Social Media Posts

Footage I Took and Edited

Videography + Stabilization in Post + Color Editing

Videography + Stabilization in Post + Color Editing

Videography + Color Editing + Lower Thirds Animation

Photos I Took and Edited

Promotional Materials