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Mixed Media Short

Super Hero Market

Based on Andy Lohmann's concept, our team of 7 people put together sets, props, characters, physical stop-motion animation, and cell animation. The comic book "Super Hero Market" stars Shiloh, a college student who can materialize salt crystals, and his dog Pepper, a protective service dog that can breath fire. This was a 10 week project that I was able to work on as a set constructor, character and prop fabricator, lead cell animator, motion graphics artist, editor, compositor, and colorist. Our team was made up of SCAD students graduating 2019-2021 including:

Andy Lohmann, Julia Hennrikus, Devon Gildner, Meghan Proctor, Lili Ugarriza,  Emily Reed, and myself.

Objective /

Mixed Media



Role / 



Cel Animator

Motion Graphics




Location / 



Date / 

Spring 2019

Motion Graphics, Camera Moves, Coloring, & Cel Animation

Compositing Process

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