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Design Boards and Motion Test

Sephora Social

Sephora is a high end makeup store that promotes inner beauty and outward expression. Through making designs for broadcast, square, portrait, and vertical, this self-love campaign I created advertises their products for eyes, skin care, sampling, and facial makeup. The scenes I set up and photographed emanate the products similarly to how the phrases I created encourage one's beauty: "Strut your sparkle," "Advance your skin care," "Samples on us," and "Embrace your glow." This motion test for their eye products in the broadcast layout shows how items might "pop" on and how their color logo could animate.

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Social Platforms

Product Design


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Winter 2020

Broadcast Design Board – Eyes

Square Design Board – Skin Care

Portrait Design Board – Samples

Vertical Design Board – Facial Makeup

Photography & Set Up