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Done is Better than Perfect

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Before this past summer, my motion graphic projects have always allowed me at least 2 weeks to start and finish them. Working for Anderson Mill Road Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC, known locally as The Mill, gave me projects that really pushed my abilities. I wasn't necessarily pushed technically or artistically, but I did have shorter deadlines than I ever had previously in school. I would start and finish projects within the same week or even the same day—which when you're only working 20 hours a week, that can make the quick turn around projects have to be completed even faster. I realized this summer that the quote "done is better than perfect" actually had some weight to it.

I've been a strong believer that my attention to detail makes my art reach a higher quality level, and to certain extents I still think it does, but now I also know that in a team project with a hard deadline, perfecting details can become secondary to actually finishing and delivering the project. Completing projects at SCAD had deadlines too, but even after you turn it into the Professor you are still able to come back to it later and keep tweaking it. A studio, or even a non-profit organization, has more finite deadlines where there are no more revisions; this fact was crucial for me to learn before starting my Junior year because I want my time here at SCAD to be more than just learning about my major, but also learning about my career.

That being said, my major, Motion Graphics (or as SCAD has labeled it, Motion Media Design), is so diverse and applicable to many areas. At AMRBC, The Mill, I was able to help expand their branding in their main, students, and kids logos, create original scripts and bumper videos for their sermon series, and make social media promos.

Here are examples of the main branding options I gave them:

Here are examples of the students branding options I gave them:

Here are the examples of the kids branding options I gave them:

I tried to keep the designs similar so whichever layout they chose, they could effortlessly maintain an aesthetic and appeal. I did experiment with z-space and colors in one layout, in case they preferred depth over minimalist shapes.

Here are the examples of the bumpers I gave them (I had 1-2 weeks to work on the first 2 pieces, while the last piece I had roughly 3 days to work on):

I tried to create bumpers that enhanced and supported their sermon series message and theme. Through critique and team discussions I was able to incorporate their vision and needs to these customized videos.

Here are a few examples of the social promos I gave them:

I tried to make social promos for what I anticipated them needing. I assigned myself these short, social promotional videos so they could grow there Facebook and Instagram feed. The logo reveal I made for the Pastor, D.J. Horton, who has his own and separate website, is animated in a way that makes it easily loop-able. For their students fall retreat called "Meta," I was tasked with rebranding their "M" logo and creating the 2018 branding for their "Alive" series. I created 6 promos for D.J.'s marketing, 10 promos for The Mill, 1 promo for "Meta," and 3 promos for their "Clear" sermon series.

Interning at AMRBC, The Mill, has given me the opportunity to create projects quickly and efficiently distribute them when in collaboration. I had a wonderful time working alongside the staff and helping start a new intern position there—the motion graphics intern.

I love my major, and I'm excited to see motion graphics spreading to new places, companies, and organizations. Just spitting a theory out there, but I think motion graphics has the largest potential to impact the world or, at least, affect trends. I'm probably biased, well actually, I definitely am, so you decide!

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