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Airbnb – How to Host

Animated series

Airbnb reached out to Meister to make their How To Host series. There were a total of  9 videos in the series, and I primarily helped with 4 of those: Upgrade Your Listing Photos, How to Make Your Home Family-Friendly, How to Spruce Up

Your Space, and  Make Your Home a Social Media Star. I worked primarily as an animator by animating title cards, framing elements, transitions, intro frames, and rotoscoping. Working with Airbnb through Meister, alongside other creatives and Ghost Robot, was a great collab experience that I was happy to part-take in!

Objective /

Airbnb Series

Meister Collab

Ghost Robot Collab

Social Marketing

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Date / 

Summer 2019

Meister Compilation

Airbnb Individual Videos

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